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If your general dentist determines that you need a root canal and suggests that you see an endodontist in South Hampton Roads, please contact us to arrange a consultation. At Dental Specialty Centers of Virginia, we focus on providing quality endodontic care in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Our mission is to make every patient’s visit as pain-free and as stress-free as possible. We endeavor to offer you access to the best endodontist in South Hampton Roads care that will ease your pain and save your tooth.

How Are Endodontists Different from Dentists?

An endodontist will have continued his or her education for several years after dental school in an endodontics residency, learning how to diagnose and treat diseases of the pulp. While general dentists also perform root canals, endodontists generally handle the difficult cases, such as procedures on molars with complex root systems, that benefit from the skill of a root canal specialist in South Hampton Roads. Endodontists typically invest in the latest equipment for performing root canals since this procedure constitutes the bulk of their practice.

Why Would I Visit an Endodontist?

When you look for an endodontist in South Hampton Roads, it is typically because you need a root canal. Whether your dentist referred you or you have been down this road before and suspect that you need another root canal, calling an endodontist means that you are serious about wanting to save your tooth. We do not extract teeth unless there is absolutely no other option.

What Happens During an Endodontic Appointment?

If you have a referral slip and x-rays from your dentist, please bring them with you. If you do not have a referral, we can take x-rays here to determine if root canal therapy is the best course of action. We will need your medical history and a current list of your medications, along with your dental insurance information if applicable.

If you are in severe pain, we will do our best to schedule your root canal for the same day. If you will need to return another day, our doctor may prescribe medication for the pain and/or an antibiotic. The procedure is not painful at all; a local anesthetic keeps the tooth and surrounding gum numb. You may feel slightly sore afterward, but this will go away in a day or two. Usually, aspirin or another OTC pain reliever is enough to ease your temporary discomfort. You can resume your normal activities the same day.

You will return to your general dentist a week or two after your root canal to see about getting a permanent restoration to strengthen the tooth, which is hollow now that the pulp is gone. Typically, your dentist will have a custom crown made for you that fits over the tooth and gives it strength.

Where Can I Schedule a Consultation for Endodontics in South Hampton Roads?

Call us today at to make an appointment with our endodonist, for a root canal in South Hampton Roads. If you have a tooth with infected or inflamed pulp, postponing treatment increases your risk of losing the tooth. The sooner you call, the sooner we can ease your pain and remove the infected pulp before the infection has a chance to spread to other parts of your mouth.

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