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Are you embarrassed to smile or do you have trouble eating because of a missing tooth? A dental implant may restore your smile and help you regain your ability to eat and drink normally. If you’re considering an implant, you may have a lot of questions. To get the answers you need, take a look at the information below, then call our office for a consultation.

What Makes Dental Implants Helpful?

When you’ve lost a tooth, a dental implant is placed into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth root. This dental post works as a secure base to hold a natural-looking crown. During this type of dental endosteal implant surgery, an implant dentist embeds a small, screw-like titanium post into your jawbone. If your jawbone isn’t strong or thick enough to support an implant post, a subperiosteal implant may be used. This type of implant is placed between the gum and jawbone.

Are the Dental Implants Costs Affordable?

When weighing the dental implants cost against its long-term benefits, many of our patients discover that implants are well worth the investment. Implants are strong, durable, and natural-looking, and they function like your natural teeth. At your consultation, our dentist will perform a thorough evaluation of your needs, provide you with viable options, and review your expected dental implants costs. Don’t let your fear of the expense keep you from finding out whether implants can restore your smile. You can find affordable dental implants in South Hampton Roads from our office.

Is Dental Implants Insurance a Typical Dental Insurance Benefit?

Implant costs may not be covered by typical dental insurance plans. But, check with your provider to confirm if dental implants insurance is available to you. We are committed to helping our patients benefit from the smile-restoring option of implants, so we provide convenient and cost-saving financing programs. We’re always happy to talk with you about flexible financing, so give us a call.

What Happens During a Dental Implants Procedure?

The procedure steps vary slightly according to the patient’s specific needs and whether endosteal or another type of implant is chosen. For an endosteal implant procedure, the dentist will first prepare the site for implant surgery. Often, this step includes a bone graft during which the dentist places natural or artificial bone material into the jawbone to make it strong enough to hold an implant. Next, the dentist inserts a titanium post into the jaw. It may take a few months for the jawbone to securely fuse with the implant post. An abutment is then placed and cemented into the post, and your custom-made crown is attached. Local anesthesia and over-the-counter pain relievers are usually sufficient to manage the mild pain of a dental implants procedure.

How Can Dental Implants Improve My Life?

Implants offer millions of Americans countless lifestyle and health benefits, whether they have a single implant, implant-supported bridge, or mini implants. Many of our patients report that implants have given them:

  • A more confident, natural smile
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Improved jaw strength and stability
  • Protection for surrounding teeth
  • The ability to return to normal eating and drinking habits
  • Clearer speech
  • More convenient oral hygiene than with dentures or bridges

Are Dental Implants Easy to Care For?

Yes, you can usually care for your implants just as you would your natural teeth, so keep to your good oral hygiene routine that includes regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. You’ll need to give your implant a little extra care immediately after the procedure, but your dentist will give you thorough instructions for proper, post-surgery dental implant care. To ensure your implant’s durability, it’s also important to keep to a consistent schedule of regular dental check-ups and exams.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Implants?

If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants may be a way to regain a healthy, confident smile. During your consultation in our office, one of our dentists will examine you to determine if you have enough jaw bone to support an implant. If you do not have enough jawbone and cannot have a bone graft, a subperiosteal implant may be an option for you. You can book a consultation with our implant dentist today to find out if dental implants in South Hampton Roads are right for you.

How Many Years Do Dental Implants Last?

Many implants can last from 10 years to a lifetime, depending on your oral health, how well you care for your implant, and the location of the implant in your mouth. If you care for your implant well and you visit your dentist regularly, you can expect your implant to be a long-term tooth replacement. We’re always delighted to help you discover the benefits of a long-term solution to your tooth loss, so give us a call to get started on your affordable dental implants.

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