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A great option for those with dental anxiety, sensitive gag reflexes, and low pain tolerance, dental sedation can allow you to experience a stress-free dentist visit. At our practice, we’re committed to helping patients receive the treatment they need while remaining comfortable and relaxed. Call us today to learn more about our affordable conscious sedation dentistry in South Hampton Roads.

Why is Dental Sedation Used?

Dental sedation is used to make dental procedures more comfortable. It can be used for invasive procedures and more routine treatments, like tooth cleanings. Often referred to as sleep dentistry, these treatments include oral sedation dentistry and IV sedation dentistry. Sleep dentistry also involves the use of general anesthesia.

What Does Conscious Sedation Dentistry Cost?

When you visit your dentist, he or she will outline your potential conscious sedation dentistry cost. This will depend on what type of sedation is used and how much is required. Our office provides flexible payment options, which can help make the cost of conscious sedation dentistry in South Hampton Roads affordable.

Why Choose Dental Sedation?

If fear or discomfort are stopping you from receiving the dental care you need, it may be time to consider dental sedation. Receiving sedation for dental treatment can ease dental anxiety and help you relax throughout the process.

Dental Sedation Options

There are several types of sedation options to meet your needs. Each treatment is designed to help you relax as much as possible.

  • Inhaled sedation dentistry: During inhaled sedation, you’ll breathe in nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas.” This mild type of sedation gently relaxes you.
  • Oral sedation dentistry: This type of sedation involves taking medication orally. Oral sedation usually makes you feel very drowsy, and you might even fall asleep as the medication takes effect.
  • IV sedation dentistry: When receiving IV sedation, medication is administered to your bloodstream through an IV. The medication works quickly to help you relax.
  • Deep sedation dentistry: You’ll be placed under general anesthesia when receiving a deep sedation treatment. People who require intensive procedures may prefer this type of sedation.

Advantages of Conscious Sedation Dentistry

One of the top advantages of dental sedation is that it allows patients to receive the treatment they need while in a relaxed state. Sleep dentistry is excellent for those who cannot withstand pain or have a deep fear of the dentist. Give us a call today to learn whether conscious sedation dentistry in South Hampton Roads is right for you.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Sedation?

Sedation for dental treatment is often considered a luxury service, much like teeth whitening. Because of this, many plans do not offer conscious sedation dentistry insurance unless it is deemed medically necessary. Be sure to call your provider before receiving services to learn about your options.

How Long Will Conscious Sedation Dentistry Effects Last?

The length of treatment varies depending on which type of sleep dentistry is administered. Oral and IV sedation dentistry will require more time to wear off than inhaled sedation. People who are placed in deep sedation will require several hours to recover.

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